Which one should you utilize for showings: a lockbox or your agent?

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When you go to sell a home, there are a couple of ways you can show it. You can have a lockbox for your property or you can have your agent show your home, but which one is the best option?

Buying a home is, first and foremost, an emotional decision.

Having a lockbox on the door means any other agent can show your home at any time. The problem with this, however, is that it can impact showings. It could be too hot in the summer, too cold in the winter, and all the lights will be off when they enter with the buyers. The random agent may not know the location well and may give buyers poor information about surrounding areas and amenities. It’s a disadvantage to you, the seller, to have a lockbox on the door.

Having your agent be present to show the home, however, is a far better alternative. Buying a home is, first and foremost, an emotional decision. Imagine the buyer’s feelings when they’re greeted by a great agent who has the home well prepared, knows the community, and can answer any questions they have. This option gives your home the best chance of selling, as a knowledgeable agent is able to give buyers an informed and in-depth look at what your home and its neighborhood can offer.

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