We cannot thank you all enough!!!! When we decided to go the route of having to short sale our home, we did our research and saw how Nick and his team helped so many people who were going through the same thing. We absolutely made the right decision in going with E-Vantage. We know so many people who didn’t know what to do and who fell through the cracks with the failing economy and housing market that were not as lucky as we were to have found someone to help. The process though emotional at times was made to be so easy for us the seller, that we felt very safe and secure. Nick and his team made the process from the paperwork, putting the house on the market, perspective buyers, escrow, and finally someone to find us a home; so EASY!!! We truly mean that! There is no way we would have known what to do without eVantage! All we had to do was follow simple instructions and it all came together. Thank You Nick for having such a great step by step process that works, and for having staff that are so diligent and compassionate as well! We are truly grateful for it all! It is a weight that has been lifted from our shoulders and now to move on and not feel debilitated anymore.

Thank You all again ! We have and will continue to recommend you to everyone because there are so many good people out there that deserve to be happy again and worry free!

The Santos Family