We worked for a year with lenders for mortgage relief, only to be denied because of our good credit, income, investment accounts, other real estate owned, and current mortgage payment standing. The banks worked us over and over, especially EMC, so finally we decided our only out was to short sell. We had a major business reason for moving, which justified our decision to sell at such a bad time. We talked to several local agents, and none really had a command of the short sale process, which was a big mystery at the time and frankly, very scary to us in view of our perfect credit standing.

Nick came to the house and spent a couple of hours explaining the short sale process, but never advised us to become delinquent. His prognosis for the real estate market convinced us that prices were not going to move up significantly in the next five years. With retirement five years away, we didn’t worry too much about a short term credit decline. In fact, our new landlord wasn’t phased when we presented our pre-short sale credit reports. If the short sale is the only negative on your report, nobody cares.

After signing with eVantage, one of our local brokers called and said he was impressed with Nick on another deal he had going in Coto. We listed in May, had a good offer in August and closed in November. Of special note is the courtesy, competence and friendliness of Nick’s staff, namely Lori Gerrity – she’s a real class act. Also, Nick’s negotiators took care of everything, never once requiring us to interface with the banks or any other party. eVantage took care of everything. They really made the experience easy with minimal notary requirement, and internet document signing.